Travel in Style: With the Hamilton


When traveling by air, for work or for pleasure, it is essential to have a piece of luggage or a set you know you can rely on. More and more people are finding problems with luggage at airports and on flights, which can delay your trip and set your plans back. The worst way to start any trip is with added and unnecessary stress. Read on to find out about the problems you could run into when traveling, and the stylish solution…

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The Problem...

Traveling light can be tricky, which means more and more of us are choosing to take carry-on luggage as well as putting a bag in the hold. Although some savvy people opt for carry on only, either way this means that almost everyone on a flight has a carry-on bag.

Destination seekers and those traveling for business are finding an increasing problem. Due to restrictions in cabin space, more and more people are having their hand luggage taken off of them to be placed in the hold.


Now this doesn’t sound like a big problem, and it isn’t apart from it may delay you when you land as you will have to wait for your luggage. It’s only a big problem if you forget to take your passport out of your hand luggage, meaning you’ll be unable to present it at border control. This is an increasing issue, causing delays of up to several hours while passengers try to arrange recovery of their passports to get through the airport.

The Solution…

This is an issue that isn’t going to reduce – airlines worldwide have stated that they won’t be able to reduce the number of hand luggage items that go in the hold, and that they won’t be advising passengers to take their passports out of their bags before handing them over.

The solution is simple, a stylish piece of hand luggage that enables you easy access to your passport at all times. In the fluster of having your carry-on bag taken off of you, it can be easy to forget to take your passport out, especially if it is buried deep in your bag. If it’s easy to access, you’re likely to grab it quickly before your bag is whisked away.


The Hamilton is a perfect option when it comes to stylish hand luggage that’s versatile and  reliable. Providing a modern twist on the 1920s style travel case, The Hamilton is strong and robust, and has an easy to access separate zipped security pocket – perfect for your passport. The Hamilton is also perfectly sized for carry-on luggage for all airlines, and will fit in the overhead lockers with ease.


Available in a variety of striking colour combinations, The Hamilton is chic, stylish and simple, making it ideal for traveling, no matter your destination. Handmade and stitched from premium English Leather, this must have bag is super durable and designed to last for years to come. With a handy clutch handle to carry and a 100% English cotton lining, The Hamilton provides a stylish solution to the latest problem faced by those traveling by air.


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