The Heritage Journey

Englana® was born out of a determination to create, and love of, luxury, British leather bags. Our journey so far has seen us grow our brand from an idea to a strong and dynamic team who share our ethos. Founders, Helen and Philip Gutteridge have a shared passion for history, nature and quality British craftsmanship. These shared passions led to the design of their very first luxury product, The Rupert, which was also the first product in the now distinctly stylish and British, Heritage Collection.

Heritage Englana® Leather Product

The colours, textures and linings of the stunning products in the Heritage Collection celebrate bygone days where British industry, manufacturing and craftsmanship was at the forefront of our nation’s skills. All the raw materials have been sourced in England and The Heritage Collection owes a debt to our industrious and creative history, whilst providing luxurious accessories for modern day living.

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