The Goodrich Collection

Englana’s® roots lie in the Heart of England, a short distance from the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and a place still passionate about quality craftsmanship and industry.

With The Goodrich Collection, our Founder and Owner, Helen Gutteridge, has created a style fusion of city and country. The Goodrich collection has modern living at the heart of the collection’s colours, textures and fabrics whilst remaining rooted in Helen and Englana’s® heritage.

Englana® Founder, Helen Gutteridge with the Models in Shrewsbury

The Goodrich Collection celebrates the brand’s Britishness whilst stamping its unique character on the World. Be inspired by the way in which modern living and our heritage become synonymous in The Goodrich Collection.

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  • Rachel

    Having a brand that celebrates the culture of the people is a great way to encourage diversity. Goodrich makes a good blend of modern style and the root of the British design.

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