Showcasing the Launch of The Goodrich Collection

Englana, a rural based luxury leather luggage and accessories producer based in the heart of Shropshire, recently took their new range out for an exclusive photoshoot in Brindley place Birmingham. This was the first stage of their launch of their Goodrich Collection. Showcasing the finest Aniline leather, designed with the City and luxury travel in mind. The Goodrich Collection is the latest in this exciting rural luxury brand’s collection of high quality, luxury leather goods.

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Using their own in-house photography team to capture the essence and vision of The Goodrich Collection, Englana celebrates the brand’s Britishness whilst stamping its unique character on the World. Helen Gutteridge, Englana’s Creative Director was inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Aniline leather and wanted to create a collection that would work in the city. The result is a stunning range that reflects modern living and still draws on our heritage.

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The Goodrich Collection is truly championing Aniline leather, which is a natural leather characterised by it light colour and un-dyed state. Only oils and waxes are applied to the leather to keep it soft while adding strength and durability. The true colour/patina of this all-natural leather evolves and changes over time ranging from a very pale, cream colour, to an elegant nut brown over time. No two pieces in the Goodrich Collection will ever end up the same colour, ensuring that each piece will be completely bespoke to its owner.

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Helen has stated, “At Englana, we create beautifully designed, premium leather goods which offer our customers a luxury appeal and a soft-spoken elegance that shows in everything we do.  We were present in Brindley place Birmingham to direct and curate the shoot. This attention to detail and hands on approach is very important to us . I would like to thank Morgan Motors in Malvern for lending us their breathtakingly beautiful Four Plus for our shoot as it added to the drama and worldly nature of the Goodrich Collection. The weather was definatly on our side…..cold but gloriously sunny and we all had a very good time preparing the sets, directing the scenes and bringing our latest collection to life.”



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