Our Very British Journey Into Gift Wrapping

When Englana was born, our aim was to create beautiful products , using exclusively British raw materials and skills, that would last a lifetime. That statement and goal sounds so simple doesn't it? In reality it took years to find the right raw materials and the skilled craftsmen and women to work with us to make our Englana brand come to life. 
I had a dream as they say, and as our products took shape we started to develop our website- our shop window to the world that would showcase our products, our ethos, our brand. We had everything sorted ...or so I thought!
Christmas gift wrapping
One day my husband, Co- founder and the pragmatic, practical one ( the one who said as we planned our wedding “Marriage isn’t all about Day 1; It’s about making it to day Ten Thousand and still wanting to stay together! ” You know the type! ) asked me about packaging and shipping .
I looked at him blankly.
“ You have it sorted?” he questioned
“ Of course “ I replied,stifling a scream of frustration.
What I didn’t tell him was that I had been so wound up in getting the right design, look, finish and feel to our products that I had completely missed the packaging element ..how our Englana pieces would arrive with our customers.
From our childhood the unwrapping of gifts and receiving presents can be such a magical experience.  We wanted to recreate this experience and held on to this as our guiding principle for our Englana gift wrapping experience.  It had to be Wow and it had to be British! 
This journey has taken me far and wide,  to Wales for our woven ribbon , to Yorkshire for our boxes and the hardest battle was ensuring there was no plastic in the process(removing all plastics from the process), a cause we are incredibly passionate about. 
Feel immersed in the world of Englana® - luxury, timeless style, design, beauty, elegance ............ #MyEnglana 

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