Must-Have: The Montgomery Keyring

When it comes to accessories, there are a few key pieces to invest in and treasure. Accessories often make your look, from your bag and your jewellery, to your sunglasses and your keyring, they enable you to add personality and your own unique style to your look, and are particularly wonderful when it comes to adding interest and variety to wardrobe basics. 


Investing in quality accessories is key. Instead of opting for quantity, choose stylish pieces that you can mix and match. The materials, the finish and the design all add up to creating a style that looks polished and well thought through. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a long time putting your look together though, in investing in quality accessories you can create effortless style on a daily basis. 


Read on to find out about our must-have keyring, the Montgomery...



The Design…


Available in a variety of beautiful colours, the Montgomery keyring is made of heritage leather and is designed by renowned precious metal jeweler, Sue Chadwick. 


With only 100 pieces made, this limited edition keyring has not been mass produced, and in fact is made by hand with great attention to detail and care. Featuring a beautiful leather tab and a solid English sterling silver moulded heart, the piece is as rare and beautiful as it is stylish and chic. 


The Montgomery has been made from English Heritage Leather. We do not sand of buff our leather, as this enables us to retain the beautiful natural character, making each and every keyring unique. In addition, we only use vegetable dyes. You won’t find any polymers or pigments used on our leather, instead we choose to use natural oils and dyes, and choose to use sustainable materials throughout our collection.  


Styling The Montgomery…


Engraved with the Englana symbol, you can also engrave the Montgomery with your initials, or the initials of a loved one, making this a truly personalised piece. 


Add the Montgomery to your set of keys to add that personal touch and be proud to carry this keyring with you wherever you go. Our keys grant us access to our homes and can become a valued and precious thing in our lives. We take them with us wherever we go, so it only seems right to add a stylish and quality keyring that perfectly suits your own unique style. 


The Montgomery can be added to both house keys and car keys, but can also be used as a bag charm. Try adding to your favourite bag to take your personal style to the next level, or simply use as a traditional keyring to add a stylish touch. The Montgomery keyring also makes a fantastic gift, simply have it engraved with loved ones initials for a gift that can be treasured for years to come. 


Find out more about The Montgomery and browse the colour options here.



  • Wendy Chloe

    I love the stance that has been taken in respects to accessories enabling your personality and unique sense of style to shine through. I love Englana’s work it is truly inspiring and beautiful.

  • Christina

    I can’t wait to use my key ring as charm for my new hand bag. What a great idea.

  • Catherine Matt

    Loving this blog post! The styling tips are great. I can’t wait for my Montgomery key ring.

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