Gearing up for the British Summer, The Englana® way.

'The best things in the World cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart'

Beauty & Luxury are paramount in Englana’s® success and ethos. The products, the way you carry them, the sheer beauty of that moment. Luxury in the manufacturing, the touch, and the feeling you get owning, one of their stunning products. Englana's® range is high end but incredibly versatile. Fitting into the idyllic country setting. Englana’s®, products sit beautifully in a country house environment. Their products reflecting the luxurious nature of the houses beauty. On a recent photo shoot they were able to capture the true essence of of Englana® in a country house setting. Rambling through the gardens, shooting the stunning ‘Darcy’ from our Heritage Collection, or picnic planning, displaying our gorgeous Willow Collection wicker basket liners. Their models were totally at ease and created the perfect atmosphere to show off the range. When the sun shone and glimmered onto the smooth leather of the handbags, or the light caught onto one of their stunning ‘Rupert’ Boot carriers during the shoot it truly encompassed the high end, luxury nature of the Brand.

Helen Gutteridge - Englana® Founder with Models

Englana’s® aim to create high end, luxurious products does not mean their clientele are narrowed to a certain target market. They celebrate Shropshire, its people, and it is paramount to them to deliver a product anyone can use and feel amazing owning.

Englana® Model with The Darcy - Goodrich Collection

Shropshire is incredibly rooted in their hearts, so it seemed right to locate their most recent shoot in the beautiful town of Shrewsbury. Shropshire is known for its rich, hilly countryside and farming but tucked within these pockets of green calm are some of the most beautiful towns in the country. They loved the idea of some of their beautiful Goodrich Collection creating an edgy ‘town’ vibe. Teaming up the gorgeous collection with slick hair, crisp white shirts and killer heels. This photo shoot aimed to portray the edgier, slicker side to the brand and how adaptable their products really can be. With stunning views from the bridge over the Severn, to the worn, picturesque town walls, the shoot team were able to create some fantastic edgy imagery, worthy of any high end product.

Show Horses at The Royal International Show (Hickstead)

The Englana® team never stop searching for new and engaging ways to get their products out to the world and they are thrilled to be a part of the The Longines Royal International Horse Show in July where they will be exhibiting all their beautiful ranges. Englana® means beauty, and they are proud to have designed and manufacture just that. So join them and be part of their Englana® Journey. Engage on Facebook & Instagram and share with them, YOUR Englana®!

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  • Mitchell

    I love the opening statement. The best things are really not felt with the physical hands. The love for a crisp white shirt and killer hills is also reiterated in the post, and I like that also, because it’s a great combination for summer.

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