Aniline or Sauvage leather, why is it the most attractive and desired of all leathers?

Aniline leather is the most attractive and natural of all leathers. It is prized for the soft natural feel and is the most expensive leather to produce because only the very best selection of hides can be used to produce full aniline leather. Aniline leather has been used for hundreds of years by large fashion houses including Louis Vuitton and Coach and is now featured in our Goodrich Collection. Aniline leather is totally natural and un-dyed, it has had only oils and waxes applied for suppleness and strength and the colour/patina of this leather will evolve and change over time. No two of the Goodrich Collection bags will be the same, each will begin as a very pale, cream colour but time and sunlight will gradually make this your bag darken in shade until it becomes a wonderful nut brown. The natural beauty of each hide and natural full grain shines through in every timeless piece of The Goodrich Collection. 

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  • Kendall

    Agreed! Aniline IS the most attractive of all leathers. Whenever I decide on a leather purse or hand bag, I don’t go for anything else!

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