Inside Jodie's home - the model shares her countryside interior design tips

As a country girl at heart, I feel most relaxed in a warm, cosy, farmhouse which is full of charm and character. My approach to interior design is to have a good balance of old and new. It should be clean, stylish and warm-hearted but most importantly it should be in tune with its surroundings.

Practicality rules

Practicality is an important factor in a countryside home or farmhouse. When you have kids running in and out covered in mud, nothing should be too delicate or precious. Instead, I look for long-lasting quality items which still maintain some sophistication and style such as my Egyptian rugs and my vintage butchers block. Then I tend to mix it up with modern appliances and fixtures to combine old with new.

Home furnishings

My home is something which has evolved over time, with quirky items and one-off finds which all remind me of special times in my life. It feels lived in and I love it that way. I tend to sway more towards home furnishings with a natural feel such as wicker baskets and rattan chairs, cotton cushion slipovers, vintage furniture and exposed beams. These materials make me feel connected with the outdoors and suit the understated charm of a country home.

A place to unwind and relax

My family and I love spending the weekends curled up on the sofa together, chilling out and watching movies so comfort and style are key. I tend to dress up my sofa and armchairs so my living room still looks well-kept and soft furnishings are a great way of giving your home an instant makeover. I love the Englana Oliver cushions which come in a range of countryside inspired scenes such as Farmyard Chill and Paddling Ducks. They are beautifully hand-stitched and made from 100% cotton and linen so they have that rustic charm which I adore.

Creating ambience

I have a really strong sense of smell and I love walking into a home which smells amazing, whether it’s freshly baked bread or brewed coffee I instantly feel comforted.

At home I love my aromatherapy diffuser which uses different fragrances and essential oils to diffuse a fine mist throughout my home. During the evening I like to unwind to lavender then in the morning something a little more awakening like orange blossom. Interior design isn’t all about what we see, it’s about how we feel in a space and creating a beautiful ambience is key.


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